Kou Mariya

I'm Kou Mariya~! I'm a 6669 year old VampIdol VTuber! Nice to meet you!

I like to sing, draw, play games, and have fun~!!


はじマリヤまして! コウマリヤです! 私は6669歳吸血鬼アイドルVTuberです!


Character Sheet Art by @ha_cheeko

NameKou, Mariyaコウマリヤ
Idol NameAMARIYA甘リヤ
Age 6669 years old 6669歳
Birthday June 9, 1XXX BC 9日6月1XXXX BC
Occupation VampIdol Vtuber歳吸血鬼アイドルVTuber
Height5' 3" 160 cm
Weight A lot of batsたくさんの蝙蝠
Hair Color Ash Blondeアッシュブロンド
Hair AccentPink Streakハイライトピンク
Eye Color Pink ピンク
Character Color Lavender ラベンダー
Charm Point 3 Moles (Under Eye, Chest, Thigh)3ほくろ


Status | Commissions are curently closed until I finish my site! Sorry! (Waitlist current unavailable)

Prices & Examples

Terms & Order Form

Please complete the commission form to order then send a DM via twitter letting me know it was completed. I will confirm your order before any payments.

Illustration Commissions

TypeBust UpHalf BodyFull Body
Chibi Style$30 $40 $50
Normal Style - Cell Shade$50$75$100
Illustration Style (Simple BG)$75$100$150
MV Style (Simple BG) $100 N/AN/A
Use for Monetization*Double Commission Price*
Additional CharacterPrice x2
Simple Background $15-25
Complex Background N/A

*See TOS for More Info

Logo Commissions

Example of Abstract Logo

TypeSocial Media Use*Commercial Use**
Logo - Text type$50-$75Price x2
Logo - Abstract $75-$100Price x2
Small RevisionsFreeFree
First 3 Large Revisions FreeFree
Each 4+ Large Revisions $10/each$20/each

*Social Usage - Social Media, Streams, Youtube Uploads
(Monotization & Promoting Donations - OK for up to $750 USD income.)
**Commercial Usage - Physical Print, Digital Merchandise, VTuber earnings of $750+ USD/ month
*** Full Buy Out - Games, Corperations, etc. DM me!

Animation Commissions

Promotional Videos

TypePrice Range
Twitch/YouTube Intro/Outro$25-$75
Twitch/YouTube Transitions $10-25
Lore Video $50-$100
Character Promotional Video $50-$100

Music Videos

TypeTV Size (1:00-1:30) Additional Price After 1 Minute*
Static Lyric PV$20$5 per minute
Simple Lyric PV $50$10 per minute
Full PV Style$100-150$25-50 per minute

* Pricing will be rounded to to the closest half minute.
* Price Ranges: Final cost depends on complexity of the request.

Examples of Pricing:
Static Lyric PV | 3:15 song is charged as 3:00 = $20+2($5)= $30
Simple Lyric PV | 1:50 song is charged as 2:00 = $50+1($10)= $60
Full Size PV prices depend on complexity, DM me for a quote.

Other Commissions

Other services available not listed, but available. DM me for more information!

Commercial Use Vocals |
• Voice Acting
• Singing

Twitch | Currently Closed

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